Roof & Solar

The Ultimate Solution

Simplicity. Roofing and Solar for about the same price as your current electric bill

When SAVKAT Inc. was founded as a residential solar company first, it skyrocketed to CT’s 6th largest installer of solar kWhs behind companies that install commercial panels alongside residential. One of the most common obstacles that homeowners went through was their roofs needing to be in better shape to accept a solar system. With that barrier, SAVKAT Solar worked closely with many independent roofing companies to pair the homeowner up with a solid company to handle their roof needs before moving on to the solar installation process.

Two companies doubled the project processes, communication, and effort necessary for homeowners to obtain energy independence and financial freedom. Through years of frustrating back-and-forth logistical challenges with subcontracted roofers, SVK Roofing was born. So, by acquisition and internal growth, a new business was born and now seamlessly works with SAVKAT Solar division to bring you the most SIMPLE option available for your home.

When investing in a new roof and solar installation, choosing a company that can provide seamless services, like SAVKAT Solar and SVK Roofing, offers countless benefits. Firstly, having a seamless company integration handle both projects ensures coordination and communication, resulting in a smoother and more efficient installation process. Secondly, opting for a combined service can save costs and potentially reduce overall expenses. We need fewer site visits, more communication with permitting and inspection, more back-and-forth communication with you and the installers, 1 point of contact, and one bundled warranty.

Integrating a new roof and solar system simultaneously allows for optimal design and installation, ensuring that the solar panels are seamlessly integrated into the structure, maximizing their efficiency. Finally, the convenience of working with a single company means you only need to deal with one point of contact for any inquiries or issues that may arise during and after the installation. With SVK Roofing and SAVKAT Solar, you can trust our expertise to deliver a high-quality, comprehensive solution for your home.